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the antisocials unite

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nerdesque and asosiale_ida are two antisocial girls. Sometimes. When we feel the need to.

1. Just join and talk about whatever. We like randomness.

2. nerdesque controls all. All hail nerdesque or suffer. Etc.

Join us!
^^, antiorddeling, antiråning, antisocial, avoiding boring conversations, avoiding conflicts, avoiding things in general, being antisocial, being weird, blissful ignorance, brian, brians mother, camerawhoring, controlling your mind, dead silence, deadly sarcasm, doing nothing, ewan mcgregor, fangirling, go away, harald eia er ekkel, hating bitches, holier-than-thou, i'm going insane, ich heise superfantastik, ignoring, ignoring voices in head, insanely funny people, intelligence, kaste rosiner i stillhet, knights of ni, loneliness, making up excuses, making-a-big-deal-out-of-everything, misfits, mocking bimbos, mocking celebrities, mocking classmates, mocking idol-deltakere, mocking rånere, mocking-people-who-live-for-their-cars, monty python, nervous twitches, no, not caring about appearance, o.o, obeying dominic monaghan, obsessing, omglolzzz!!!111, oppblåsbare stoler, photography, pointless photography, pointless squealing, pointless walking, reading, rebellion, recieving-messages-from-ewan-through-coffeemug, recieving-telepathic-messages-from-ewan, retro rock, ridiculous phonecalls, sarcasm, saying no, saying no to everything, screaming, sick livejournal addiction, sitting on beds, soundtracks, stalking, throwing things in anger, too much freetime, trainspotting, travis, vanity, watching too many movies, world domination, yay, yes