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Hello all...

Hello all,
Closet antisocial here. I say closet because I do not advertise to be people that I am, and at work, around co-workers, when a conversation is struck up with me, I am able to play it off well and shoot the shit. For some odd reason people see me as a very out going person, which I am not. I can’t stand going out anywhere I am in a situation where I am with in a crowd of people, such as bars, malls and protests (thought I would just throw that in randomly). The only time I am in such a situation, it is either I am going to see a band I REALLY like play, or IF I have to go to the mall, I go in, get what I want and get the hell out of there. People always want me to go with them and hang out and I either turn them down, or say I will do something and back out at the last min. I really can’t stand going to places and seeing people running around trying to be what MTV says people should be, & trying to get on top of their social group. My going out consist of going to the art museum alone, taking the train downtown and walking around listening to me mp3 player, driving around endlessly or chilling at a coffee shop or book store reading. I do more, but you get the point.
I yearn to meet a girl like my self. Some one who feels the same about these things, yet it is almost an oxymoron for an antisocial to meet another being antisocial and all. It almost seems hopeless, SAD.
OK, I have been rambling, I know. Sorry. It's just that since I have moved I haven’t been able to get things out anymore.
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